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Shredder and Grinder Screen Rebuilds

Dun-Rite Tooling rebuilds screens to OEM standards that are worn out, torn or lost their perf for all types for wood shredders and plastic pre-shredders.

Why Choose Dun-Rite For A Screen Rebuild?
For more than 30 years, Dun-Rite, an American-made tooling company, based near Rockford IL has designed and built screens for wood shredders and plastic pre-shredders. They have a highly trained set of fabricators who can build and rebuild screens to OEM specifications, even if the original piece of equipment is no longer in warranty.

Dun-Rite Tooling earned their solid-built reputation because they design and fabricates all the screens for Cresswood Shredders which handles some of the toughest grinding and shredding applications such as wood, pallets, plastic, and paper. The team is well trained and equipped with precision tooling, fixtures, and robust processes to guarantee screen refurbishments meet or exceed OEM standards..

So, if you have a screen that is no longer performing and is out of warranty or the original manufacturer is out of business, send your damaged or worn-out screen to Dun-Rite Tooling for immediate evaluation. Our team will assess the structural integrity of the frame and if it’s still true, they will reverse-engineer and rebuild your screen to factory-new standards.

What does Dun-Rite Offer?
We are experts. Dun-Rite Tooling knows that making quality screens is a very difficult task. Being a good screen fabricator requires deep application experience to get it done right the first time. Our staff have consistently designed and fabricated screens for shredders for 30 years. We know what we’re doing and we use only the best quality tooling and equipment to create outstanding screens.

We are fast. Dun-Rite Tooling is based in the Midwest, we have parts in stocks and our staff are ready to rebuild your shredder’s screen. Once the screen arrives in our shop, our team will evaluate, fabricate, quality check, and ship the refurbished screen within 10 business days.

All brands. Even if your original equipment was purchased from someone other than Cresswood, the Dun-Rite team can confidently reverse-engineer your product and quickly fabricate a custom rebuild that meets or exceeds OEM standards.